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About Us

eComPilot is based in the Gold Coast, Australia. We have a lean team with a good mix of solid IT experience in e-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Social Media Sales & Marketing.

Why We Exist

“For any business to survive today, it is a MUST to have an online presence.”

Before 2020, enabling an eCommerce business model is just an option. A dream and, probably, an end-goal for most small to medium companies. Why? Because bringing your business online is never easy. And for a traditional brick and mortar business, investment in establishing an online business & presence can be expensive and intimidating at times.

However, after the pandemic, everybody needs to level up the game to survive. Whether it is a huge enterprise or small to medium mom & pop business, it needs to be agile and have the flexibility to easily expand their products, services and market fast, efficient, and within a workable budget. 

These are the very same reasons why eComPilot was born.

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EcomPilot Story

eComPilot is a boutique IT service provider focused on technology particularly on eCommerce and staffing solutions.

eComPilot started as an internal IT team for our eCommerce brands in 2019. The team’s main objective is to implement our “all technology-led sales and business strategies”. Such services include (but not limited to) website development & maintenance, understanding the eComm dynamics per brand, implementing proper SEO, Social Media Marketing, running FB/ Google Ads and Conversational Sales Marketing through social media.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, businesses worldwide were forced to level up the business strategies, improve online presence and sustain, if not increase, revenue to survive by  maximizing technology.

We realized how difficult and intimidating the entire process can be for startups and traditional businesses. We find that our experience as eCommerce entrepreneurs can be valuable to other companies who would like to leverage the technology to find and open new business ventures.

This gave us opportunities to expand our services to external clients.

Our Mission and Vision

eComPilot Vision

eComPilot’s vision is to be our clients top-of-mind partner of choice” for IT and staffing solutions for their e-commerce requirement. We would like to be your business’ extended team.

eComPilot Mission

eComPilot’s mission is aligned with our vision to help entrepreneurs to reset, recover, sustain and grow their businesses especially during this economic and health crisis. We would like to build long-term relationships with our customers by providing exceptional services that exceed expectations. 

eComPilot Core Values

eComPilot believes in treating our customers’ business like our own. We value honesty, integrity and ethical business practice. 

eComPilot believes in working closely with clients as the trusted external team to drive innovation and maximize growth while leveraging on technology.

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